The Be Your Own Guru Planning Method  


Exercise Details

Duration = at least 15 minutes.
Difficulty = 50/100.

This exercise developed by Life Coach Cougar Brenneman.

Inspired by Karen McChrystal, Barbara A. Brennan, Judith Orloff, Linda Keren, and others.

Step 1

Select and describe what you're calling upon your to help you to plan. For example, you could use it for:

  • Organizing your day
  • Creating a healthy food menu for the week
  • Planning an important letter or other writing project
  • Planning a meeting
  • Organizing a complex project

You'll be making a traditional planning list in Step 2b (like a to-do list). Your will add to that list in Step 5b.

Write your answer in the box above, and click the above button. Everything you write stays on your computer alone. Nothing is transmitted to us.

Step 2A, B, & C

Part A: Describe what you would normally do, eat, or discuss. This is not a to-do list, but a general description. Include such details as:
  • How do you normally feel about this type of plan?
  • What would you normally leave out of your list?
  • How hard do you expect this to be?
  • What challenges do you expect?

Step 3

Let go of the topic completely. If your mind is in problem-solving mode, worry mode, reading-the-computer-screen mode, rushing-around mode, creativity mode, or any other kind of "mode," you haven't reached inner silence. Inner silence means bare attention—mindfulness without thought or reaction.

Trust the process.

Move on to Step 4 after you have completely let go of your reactions.

Breathe In

Breathe Out

Step 4

Tune in to your confidently. You can find this part of yourself by simply seeking it. Visualize your goal and notice what details your may have put into the visualization as clues.

Ask your for guidance about what to do. How can you best accomplish your goals or how can you best handle your resistance?

Focus on your question without words for several breaths, and send energy to your .

Wait for specific words or images. If your impressions are unclear, ask for clarification.

Close your eyes to enhance your focus.

Step 5A, B, & C

What does your want you to do?

Part A: My new general plan from my is:

Step 6A, B, & C

Ask your for the personal power to manage your new plan.

Part A: For several breath cycles, inhale energy and send some of it to your .

Continue for one breath cycle of twelve breaths.

Repeat if you wish to deepen your connection with your further.

Breathe In

Breathe Out

Step 7

Express gratitude toward yourself and your until you feel good about yourself and your connection to your inner wisdom. Click the "Self Gratitude" button after every acknowledgment.

Recommended: Cycle through both acknowledgments in this step at least three times before going on to Step 8.

Step 8

Finish by expressing gratitude toward others and the Universe. Fill in the name of the person to whom you're feeling grateful.

Click the "Gratitude to Others and the Universe" button after every acknowledgment.

(Inner Silence)

Future Enhancements that Apply to All Exercises

I have developed 315 more practices which are part of the same curriculum. This number will eventually grow to 3,000 or 30,000, depending on what the users (you) decide to do with this curriculum. Each practice targets different goals and different problems, depending on what you need.

For a tour of the full curriculum, use the following blog as a guide: Take the Tour: Explore the Joyful Wisdom Journey Curriculum. This blog is a illustrated guide to clicking the button at the bottom of this page that's labeled "Coming Soon: What's Next? Your Next Move." You can click the button without the blog, but the UI is not very intuitive.

This prototype lacks certain features that will help you to use it. Eventually, you'll have a blog that automatically receives all of your written responses to any exercise. No more copying and pasting.

All pages will have have:

  1. Feedback features that allow you to suggest changes.
  2. Links to user blogs where you can see how other people have used the exercise or meditation and what they've learned from it.
  3. A way to suggest alternative wording for each step in every exercise—including wording in other languages.
  4. A way to set your preferences for which wording you like, including your preferred language.
  5. Animation, audio, and video to guide you through steps that require them.
  6. Links to Joyful Wisdom Community resources for learning or practicing each method in the community of others, rather than in isolation.

I've planned many other enhancements, but this gives a flavor of what's coming.

For a brief description of future programming plans, read the following blog: Plans for the Computer Programming Needed for the Joyful Wisdom Journey.

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Click the "Step 1," "Step 2," etc. button in the footer section of the screen at the left to advance from step to step EXCEPT at Step 5.

Return from Step 5 to Step 3 for more insight by clicking the Step 3 button—which will appear when you need it.

Give Your a Voice Whenever You Plan

When you're making plans, your is as smart as your head—or even smarter. Treat your with respect, and it will guide you true. Honor your every day, and it'll change the direction of your entire life.

If you resist what your tells you, it will almost always be to your detriment. During this exercise, if you feel yourself resisting what your tells you or if you're not satisfied with the results, take the time to loop back from Step 5 to Step 3 at least once. The loop-back button gives you the power to go as deep as you need to go to get the results that you ultimately want.

Preferences: This exercise uses language that works for you. Set your preference for how this exercise refers to your source of intuition. Every chakra has its own consciousness. Give each a voice to enhance your relationship with it. Our Chakra list progresses numerically from Chakra 1 (Foundational Chakra) through Chakra 9 (Transpersonal Chakra).

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