In a Journal, Complete your Relationships with People or Concerns  


IMPORTANT: I'm dialoging with:

Exercise Details

Duration = at least 45 minutes.
Difficulty = 75/100.

This exercise developed by Life Coach Cougar Brenneman.
Inspired by Ira Progoff's Intensive Journaling, Robert Fritz, Osho, Tulku Thondup, Jon Mumford, and other teachers.

Step 1

Select an incomplete relationship (past, present or future), such as one with:

  • another person, a boss or employee, a family member, or an ancestor.
  • a group, an organization, a circumstance, or an event.
  • a goal, a project, a concern, or your purpose in life.
  • a movie, story, quest, or biography, a character, or a fictional situation.
  • your body, an emotion (positive or negative), an intuition, or a dream.
  • your higher self, a past self, or your successful future self.

NAME who or what you'll dialog with in the box above the Step 1 title. You may change this name anytime you choose to during the rest of this exercise.

Please prepare for this dialog by reflecting on what's incomplete in this relationship.

Step 2A, B, & C

Part A: Close your eyes. Silently tune in to intuitively using your nonverbal mind. Focus on your sense of the whole.

How do you react to, feel about, or sense about this situation? Write your first impressions, even if you don't understand them—or especially if you don't understand them.

Step 3

Let go of the topic completely. If your mind is in problem-solving mode, worry mode, reading-the-computer-screen mode, rushing-around mode, creativity mode, or any other kind of "mode," you haven't reached inner silence. Inner silence means bare attention—mindfulness without thought or reaction.

Trust the process.

Move on to Step 4 after you have completely let go of your reactions.

Breathe In

Breathe Out

Step 4

Reread your stepping stones one or more times.

Close your eyes and again focus on the flow of your relationship with .

Keep focusing until dream-like images arise. (These are also known as hypnagogic images.)

As soon as you see an image, say or whisper one or two words to capture the image before it fades away. If a complex scene arises, say single words for individual details to capture them as they flow past.

Do not analyze or judge these images or words. Just capture them. However, if your images are unclear or fuzzy, ask for sharper images.

Step 5A, B, & C

Part A: Record your images without analyzing them. Just use them to connect to the flow.

Step 6A, B, & C

Part A: For one breath cycle of twelve breaths, collect energy, and then send some of it to .

Repeat to deepen your connection with further.

Breathe In

Breathe Out

Step 7

Make choices about your situation, based on what you've learned.

Repeat several times, surrounding each choice with inner silence. Click the "I choose..." button after every choice you make.

(Inner Silence)

Future Enhancements that Apply to All Exercises

I have developed 315 more practices which are part of the same curriculum. This number will eventually grow to 3,000 or 30,000, depending on what the users (you) decide to do with this curriculum. Each practice targets different goals and different problems, depending on what you need.

For a tour of the full curriculum, use the following blog as a guide: Take the Tour: Explore the Joyful Wisdom Journey Curriculum. This blog is a illustrated guide to clicking the button at the bottom of this page that's labeled "Coming Soon: What's Next? Your Next Move." You can click the button without the blog, but the blog makes it clearer.

This prototype lacks certain features that will help you to use it. Eventually, you'll have a blog that automatically receives all of your written responses to any exercise. No more copying and pasting.

All pages will have have:

  1. Feedback features that allow you to suggest changes.
  2. Links to user blogs where you can see how other people have used the exercise or meditation and what they've learned from it.
  3. A way to suggest alternative wording for each step in every exercise—including wording in other languages.
  4. A way to set your preferences for which wording you like, including your preferred language.
  5. Animation, audio, and video to guide you through steps that require them.
  6. Links to Joyful Wisdom Community resources for learning or practicing each method in the community of others, rather than in isolation.

I've planned many other enhancements, but this gives a flavor of what's coming.

For a brief description of future programming plans, read the following blog: Plans for the Computer Programming Needed for the Joyful Wisdom Journey.

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Enhance Your Relationship with Every Aspect of Your Life Through Inner Dialog

When you dream—whether you're sleeping at night or thinking about your life during the day—you create a drama in your mind in which all of the roles are played by you. You are both the star and the villain, as well as all of the supporting actors.

In this exercise, we play our roles by tuning in to what our deepest wisdom has to say. Since we tap into our intuition, we're no longer simply playing roles, but we're dialoguing with intelligence that is separate from our normal minds. Whether we dialog with a person, an organization, an event, or our body, we're tuning in to an energy that has a mind of its own.

Some of what you'll learn will seem to come from deep knowledge that is clairvoyant or telepathic in origin. Be open to hearing wisdom from within that does not come from your brain.

Use Dialog to Deeply Understand Another Person, a Group, a Circumstance, or Any Aspect of Yourself

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