What the Global Wisdom System Offers

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The Global Wisdom System is a collection of over 300 methods drawn from many different traditions that will help you achieve the happiness you want in this lifetime.

The most important thing about this system is that it helps you to create a single, unified program that is tailored to your specific needs, values, relationships, and goals. Which of the following areas is important to you?

Achieve Your Goals

The Global Wisdom System contains several groups of methods and meditations that are specifically targeted at helping you achieve your goals more effectively. One section, for instance, helps you clarify what your life goals are and how to bring those life goals into your daily action plans. It also helps you make sure that you're choosing the best strategies available to you and organizing your day around them. Finally, it includes methods to help you stay thoughtful and observant as you go about fulfilling your plans, so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.
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There is another group of methods that are targeted at helping you fine-tune your mind to assist you with actualizing these goals most effectively. Some methods help you gain awareness of the strengths that you bring to the situation, thus helping you act with greater personal power. Other methods provide you with greater awareness of the workings of your mind and consciousness so that you have greater control over it, thus enabling you to put yourself into a state of mind that is productive, creative, and efficient.

This heightened awareness of the actions and behavior of your mind can also help you step back from your automatic reactions to things so that you can choose your attitudes and reactions more consciously and strategically. Some of these methods help you when you can't focus because you're distracted by concerns or emotional upsets. Other methods help you notice and modify habitual attitudes and unconscious strategies that you bring into every situation, even when these attitudes and strategies are outmoded, inappropriate, and counterproductive.

There is also an entire section of methods that are devoted to help you work through the ways that you diminish your effectiveness by limits that you carry inside of you and beliefs that you have that hold you back. Some of these methods provide you with insight into what's holding you back, and others help you discover and change habits and patterns that express your unnecessary limits. Finally, there are a set of methods that help you to open up your mind to an open-ended future filled with exciting unseen possibilities.

In the Global Wisdom System, noetic methods, such as using your chakras, are mixed in with psychology-based methods to provide a balanced approach to achieving your goals (or whatever else you're targeting).

Change Your Experience

Another group of methods and meditations are targeted at helping you change your experience of life, for instance by discovering alternative perspectives that you can bring to upsetting situations so that you can get great value from them. Some of these involve understanding yourself better, others involve transforming your relationship with what occurs around you, and others help you step back from being addicted to the energy of the parasite that is our culture.
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These methods and meditations are designed to be practical and easy to apply, so that you can use them when you're too busy, overwhelmed, or blocked to meditate, and when you don't want to waste time on things that only have a long-term effect. However, each of them is also designed for repeated use so that you can build greater and greater skill and applying them with practice.

Harness Your Intuition

There are a large number of methods in the Global Wisdom System that assist you in developing a more and more cooperative relationship with your subconscious mind through listening to your intuition, both from your subconscious mind and from your psychic faculties. Part of the curriculum is targeted at helping you distinguish between intuition and other emotions. Another part is targeted at getting specific advice that you can use for any problem or goal during the day. Finally, the system contains methods that enable you to receive general advice about the general direction and mission of your life as a whole.
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After listening to your subconscious mind, the Global Wisdom System provides you with methods of communicating what you need through an appropriate combination of visualization, trance, affirmation, choice, and negotiation. Some of these methods help you orient your own subconscious mind towards your goals, and others enable you to communicate with your higher self more effectively.

Transform Your Relationships

The Global Wisdom System contain sections of methods that help you with relationships with other individuals, including deepening your rapport, communicating your needs more effectively, repairing problems that arise, and preventing these problems from recurring. A similar set of exercises help you understand and evolve your relationship with groups of people that are currently important to you or that have been important to you in the past.
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In addition, the Global Wisdom System contains a group of noetic methodologies for building relationships by radiating a positive atmosphere around you as you live your day, by developing telepathic rapport with others, by sending telepathic messages, by sending healing energy to people in distress, and by building your community both energetically and in person.

What's Coming

In the Global Wisdom System, most of the above meditations and methods will be automated or presented as voice-guided meditations, so that you will not need to go into any other situation to practice them. Exercises that require other people will be facilitated through the system by a database that enables you to find other people to practice with over the Internet using Skype or iVisit and a Webcam.

Creating this complex technological system is difficult for me, since I do not do this as my day job, nor do I do it as a business. I do not have a budget to hire programmers, so I'm studying ASP.NET, Visual Studio, database creation and operation, and other skills that I will need to create it by myself. I'm also beginning to present the curriculum in groups that I teach over the Internet using iVisit, Webcams, and headsets for audio interaction.

However, I will also trade private coaching in any of the above areas for assistance in handling the technological and marketing challenges I'm facing. Volunteer opportunities will be listed on a separate Webpage when I have the time to write them down. If you would like to assist me in this, please write me at globalwisdom [at] sbcglobal [dot] net.

I would also like assistance in creating and populating a nonprofit organization that will be my partner in actualizing the whole vision that I've been given.

Site Under Massive Construction: This entire Website is currently being rewritten and reformatted. Please be patient. I have no Webmaster, other than myself, and I have not quit my day job to write the Global Wisdom System Handbook (now at 1250 single-spaced pages), organize, facilitate, or teach online Webcam groups, provide individual life coaching, and manage this Website.

Future Plans: I will soon be adding the following to this site:

  •    Multimedia presentations to this site, including voice guided and video-guided meditations, movies and graphics.
  •    Automated journaling exercises,  and many other things to help bring about the Global Wisdom Society, a goal that has been part of the paradigm within the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

What Makes the Global Wisdom System a System?